PB15FM Speaker & Tripod

PB15FM Speaker & Tripod

Trolly Speaker $299.99

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PB15FM Speaker & Tripod

The PB15FM Speaker is an all-in-one sound system with just about every feature under the sun. It has a rechargeable battery which offers hours of playback. Includes pole mount for easy placement, wheels for easy transportation, and a telescopic carry handle.

Let’s start with the finely tuned audio components before moving on to the stunning visual playback versatility we’ve incorporated. As with all of our professional level speakers, the woofers feature large, oversized magnets for a deeper, full sounding bass which rumbles all the way down to the pit of your stomach! Titanium drivers ensure well-formed vocals and other speaking aspects will be heard even during full music or sound effect moments. This is ideal for movie watching or video presentations when there will be voiceovers at the same time as music is playing in the background.


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